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“Photo Booth: A Song About Memories and Growth”

The latest single from Alternative hip hop artist Patrick Moss, “Photo Booth” explores the concept of memories and how they can differ from the reality of a person. The songwriter delves into the idea that time changes people, yet our brains tend to hold onto the positive moments. Join me on this journey of growth and acceptance, as I navigate through the complexities of the heart and mind.

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High Energy Hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids coming out with fire on New Album ’I’M GOOD, HBU?

The album touches on subjects like climate change issues and the state of activism, showing respect for the planet, navigating the music industry with no co-signs, no massive financial support, no label to this point, and being proud of their achievements, building their own squad of Indigenous creatives and bringing the youth up with them.