Lone Kodiak: A Blend of Alternative and Indie Rock

Lone Kodiak, a promising band in the music scene, has made waves with their unique blend of alternative rock and indie rock. With elements of nostalgic influences, this band offers a refreshing and captivating sound. In this blog post, we will explore their captivating music style, notable characteristics, and their upcoming debut LP “Inside Voices”. 


A Journey into “Lavender Dusk” by Morrison Reed

“Lavender Dusk” is a testament to the artistic brilliance of Morrison Reed. With his evocative music and unique storytelling, Reed captivates listeners and takes them on a mesmerizing journey. His melodic arrangements and nostalgic vibes resonate deeply, making him a standout artist in the Australian music scene and beyond. Keep an eye out for his upcoming second album, as it promises to deliver more captivating and immersive musical experiences.

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Indie Pop-punk risers We Demand Parachutes continue their Journey of Self-reflection on New single “Outside The Null Field”

, We Demand Parachutes aim to continue that journey with the self-reflective “Outside The Null Field.” This record is a series of stories, written over years, deployments, rehearsals, breakups, and breakthroughs all culminating with our collaboration with producer, Alan Day, who was able to understand and distill those moments.