The rise of rock music in 2023 is predicted to bring back the sound of the past. This thirst for making the old new again certainly lends itself to the continued revival of vinyl records and cassettes, as rock fans prefer the raw, authentic sound of physical media. 

Bands have continued to experiment with virtual reality concerts and livestream events, offering fans immersive experiences that they can enjoy from the comfort of their homes. The future of rock music is bright and full of possibilities.

New Playlist!! Best Rock Songs of 2023

  • The Survival Code – “We Are Just Fooling Ourselves”
  • ‘Finally’ by Picard
  • None Sunshine – ‘Everything She Said
  • Look to the Sky-Philly Mix by Supa Philly
  • ‘Just Fine’ by Brooklyn Belton
  • We by Bromsen
  • Devil’s Way by Calumon
  • The Gift ( Hey England) by Seannachaidh
  • Kickin’ Stumps – Don’t Know Whatcha Missin’
  • Topos @ the Wawa
  • It’s War by Hugo Zerace
  • Surf City by Tube Amp 101

UK Indie Band The Survival Code Releases a bold new single “We Are Just Fooling Ourselves”

The Survival Code, an indie band from the UK, has recently released a new single entitled “We Are Just Fooling Ourselves”. The song has been described as bold and powerful, with a sound that is both unique and memorable. The lyrics are thought-provoking and speak to the human experience of self-deception. Fans of indie music are sure to appreciate The Survival Code’s latest release, which showcases the band’s talent and artistry. The guitars are out in full force with pounding drums and layered vocal harmonies that push this driving track forward. Stay tuned for more exciting news from this up-and-coming group! 

Also Winning Best Album Art in April 2023..

The Future Looks Bright for Picard

Despite the tragedies that struck the band, Picard is making a huge comeback. The lead singer’s cancer is in remission, and the remaining members are considering re-releasing the album and potentially writing and recording new material. Their goal is to see if there is still a place for them in today’s music scene and we say Absolutely. 

Their single from 8 years ago ‘Finally,’ is a powerful testament to their resilience and determination. Fans eagerly await their next move, and it seems that the future looks bright for Picard. Stay tuned for more updates!. 

Alternative Rock band None Sunshine Releases an Explosive new single Everything She Said

We just released this single on 9/9/22 and are starting a NACC radio campaign on March 1. In conjunction, we are releasing our debut album on Thursday, May 18. Our debut album includes 12 tracks that showcase our range of style and influences. From hard-hitting rock anthems to introspective ballads, we’ve poured our hearts and creativity into every song. 

Sonically the music ranges from moody to full explosive artistic skill. We heard Catchy guitar riffs that get stuck in your head. The vocals are powerful both in skill and lyrics expressing the emotion behind the message. The drums were upbeat with a driving tempo accented by bass that kept thew energy high. 

Also Winning Best Album Art in April 2023..

Look to the Sky-Philly Mix by Supa Philly

We saw a big, black, triangular “flying vehicle” at 3 am one night. It made no sound and when it floated past us, my car engine died and stopped. Our song suggests that if the occupants of these superior UFOs appear and communicate, the violence and threats among countries, and to this planet, might end. Some Curators have said we sound like Pink Floyd or Supertramp, or Queen (nice, but not sure). In this track, we added the legendary vocalists who were backup singers for R&B legends Patti Labelle, Teddy Pendergrass, and Lou Rawls, for a choir effect.

We by Bromsen

The Berlin based Indietronic duo Bromsen, founded 2021 by Richard and  Karlo Bromsen are in love with catchy melodies, framed by synthwave and guitar elements. Their third single “We!” has been released on 10th of March and celebrates the unshakable power of friendship. Richard and Karlo know each other for 20 years now and are convinced that their deep friendship has helped them through many low blows in life. Karlo “Such a deep and long-standing friendship can carry you through a period of weakness and often you emerge even stronger afterwards feeling free like a bird again who wants to fly higher and higher as described in the song…” 

We by Bromsen

Release date:  April 14, 2023
Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Energetic, happy, inspiring
Located in: Ohio
Sounds like: Avril Lavigne, Paramore, Miley Cyrus

Life just became a bit sweeter while listening to this fun happy paced single from Brooklyn Belton called ‘Just Fine’. You’ll love the upbeat tempo and theme focused on inspiring the world with positive energy. This female fronted tune out of Ohio shows real promise in that indie garage rock area with nostalgic influences.

Devil’s Way by Calumon

Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Dark, Atmospheric, and Grungey
Located in: New England
Sounds like: Black Sabbath, Queensryche, Alice in Chains

There are some bands that just clearly rock out and love every minute of it. You don’t have to look any further than Calumon on their new single Devil’s Way. What a treat for New England metal fans. On their new single, ‘Devil’s Way’ from their upcoming album “Left on Read”, the song features ambient vocals mixed with big guitars, thumping bass, and steady percussion. The lyrics narrate the battle between living the way you want to, versus living by other peoples’ standards, as well as the agony and liberation associated with the choices and consequences of doing so. 

These musicians are talented with a capitol T and they never hesitate for a second. The band’s sound has been compared to the likes of Dio-Era Black Sabbath and Queensryche due to the combination of Stevenson’s dramatic vocal style, Damien Bergeron and John Gennell’s guitar harmonies and soaring solos, and the tight, yet deceptively complex rhythms that Christian Bergeron and Erek Croteau hold down in the back. This is all topped off by Calumon being renowned in the New England Music scene for their Electrifying performances that journalist Max Wentz has described as, “If Kinetic was a style of performance.”

Do yourself a favour, follow them because these guys are going to do big things. 

The Gift ( Hey England) by Seannachaidh

Scottish and Pan Celtic rock band creating songs as a form of musical activism in order to highlight the increasingly anti-democractic and fascistic path the British Government is currently on. We are supporters of Scottish Independence, which is a recurring theme in our songs, which are intended as modern ‘Rebel songs’. We adopted the painted mask as a symbol after the current British PM suggested that those who would like to see an end to the United Kingdom – such as supporters of Welsh or Scottish Independence – should be considered extremists and radicals worthy of state ‘re-education’. True story. Look it up! Therefore, to preserve complete freedom of expression, we decided to remain anonymous and the mask became our symbol and our protest.

Kickin’ Stumps – Don’t Know Whatcha Missin’

This single was followed up by a Vancouver Canada tour. Kickin’ Stumps plays The Roxy and The Cobalt, check out their instagram for more dates. Four piece rock group with moody blues feel.

Topos @ the Wawa

Topos @ the Wawa is a pop rock band based out of Nashville Tenn. Flavor is about realizing that things don’t always work out the way you want them to.

It’s War by Hugo Zerace

“It’s War” is the powerful new single from Hugo Zerace, released on April 21st from his upcoming album “Our Lost Tears”. The album is a soundtrack to a book set to be released in the fall of 2023, which follows the stories of six characters on the Ukrainian side of the Russo-Ukrainian War. With emotive lyrics and haunting vocals from Zerace, “It’s War” speaks to the struggles and pain of war, both for those fighting on the front lines and those left behind. The music video, produced by Kira Mazur from Mazu Prod. in Ukraine, features scenes of destruction and heartbreak, as soldiers and civilians alike navigate the harsh realities of conflict.

Surf City by Tube Amp 101

A simple surf song on its surface, Surf City also has a deeper undercurrent, tackling themes of lost youth, forgotten friendships and reflecting on happier times, set to the soundtrack of reverb drenched guitars and swirling keyboards.