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“If I Had You” by Fred Ross | A diverse, vibrant and compelling new single

Ross’s artistic vision for “If I Had You” was shaped by a diverse range of influences, from contemporary pop icons to classic legends. Artists like The Weeknd and Bruno Mars served as inspiration for Ross, guiding him in his quest to create a sound that was both fresh and timeless. The resulting track is a fusion of modern pop sensibilities and classic soul influences, blending the best of both worlds into a seamless tapestry of sound. 

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High Energy Hip-hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids coming out with fire on New Album ’I’M GOOD, HBU?

The album touches on subjects like climate change issues and the state of activism, showing respect for the planet, navigating the music industry with no co-signs, no massive financial support, no label to this point, and being proud of their achievements, building their own squad of Indigenous creatives and bringing the youth up with them.


10 Fresh and Innovative Indie Songs of 2022

The indie music scene has grown and changed over the last few years. The new sound of indie is full of innovation, while the rise of the garage and living room studio means artists can now create high-quality recordings without spending a fortune or having access to expensive studios. For those who want to be part of this exciting change in independent music, here’s all you need to know about the trends that will shape the next decade. These artists are creating quality music that you’ll love. Follow their profiles and start experiencing what they have to offer.