Sella Dawn – Pull A Thread

Release date: Sep 09, 2022 

Genre: Electro Pop, Adult Contemporary, Alt Pop

Similar artists: Billie Eilish, Lana Del Rey, Charli XCX

“Pull A Thread” blends real and electronic instruments with natural elements to create a unique sound. Lyrically, intimate vocals explore the pain of leaving an abusive relationship and stepping back to finally see the pattern – “Pull A Thread” to unravel what you thought was real. 

Sella Dawn is a new, independent dark pop artist who will make you glad you’re suffering. Her haunting vocals and moody lyrics contrast her driving and expansive music, and she creates an intimacy that you can dance to. Or at least sway. 

Based in Toronto, she is the daughter of two symphony musicians who always told her to not go into the family business. Well look at her now, mom. She pulls from her experiences to create stories that hopefully resonate with people and help them feel connected. 

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