Radio host Jacqueline Jax interviews Kory Body and Danny Castro from the Shameless Band about their upcoming tour and EP Less is More. Featuring the new single , ‘Cancel Me’ . The Band talks about their current focus and appreciation for life with a reminder to ‘Not sweat the small stuff.’

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The band went separate ways while two band members, Kory Body and Danny Castro, found brotherhood, collective courage, and a shared passion for keeping their dreams alive. Thus, The Shameless Band. They refused to conform to the expectation of being canceled due to the pandemic. Instead, with no regrets, they wrote “Cancel Me,” their first official release from their debut album, “Less is More.”

“Less is More” was so named because the band was initially comprised of seven people with lined-up engagements and promising business partnerships. Nonetheless, the shutdown did not do what it was intended to do as far as the band was concerned. They made more happen with less. The album holds a total of seven emotions with solid storylines representing grief and loss stages. Kory and Danny wrote all songs, and it was these songs that carried them through the crisis.

The first stage of grief and loss is denial, as portrayed in “At the Arte.” The Arte is the apartment building in which Danny was locked down and in isolation experiencing extreme loneliness. The song is about all the what if’s and could be to create an alternate universe with a happy place and nostalgic scenes.

Anger is the next stage and is found throughout the song “Cancel Me.” The frustration in the writing of this piece gave way to the creative use of different instruments like the harmonica and a uniquely designed cigar box guitar made by a local artisan. The overall message is a wave of anger that causes one to elevate out of it and into the next phase for healthy healing and to move forward.

The Less Is More EP has arrived from ‘The Shameless Band’