New Single TRAIN COMIN’ by Cabela and Schmitt speaks to the possibility that our souls may be in jeopardy of being lost in the abyss and how we need to be aware of how we act and represent ourselves towards others.


A stone is permanent, stable, and unmoving much like principles, truth, friends, and love. Yet a stone one holds in their hand can be harmless and entertaining as a skipping stone across a pond, or it can also be used for harmful intentions.

We believe the world is good…this seems to be a view shared by fewer and fewer people all the time. With technology, we hold the world in our hands. Our devices can be tools for communication, entertainment, and loving messages, but also destruction.        

We are bombarded with information, constantly…this is sometimes advantageous and sometimes detrimental. We have slipped as a world society into letting the opinion-based media, in general, influence how we think, act, and make our decisions.

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