What makes an amazing indie song? Is it the music, lyrics, mood, tone, tempo, pacing, theme? We think the best songs need to tell a story in a way that’s relatable.

Songwriters are a special breed of artists because they understand that connecting a song with an audience is more than just creating a melody and writing some lyrics. Connecting a song with a listener has to successfully capture the ear of the listener and make an impression.

The rules of three in songwriting is an unwritten recipe but regarded as a standard among songwriters today. The human brain can remember things better when they are grouped in threes.

The rule of three with regards to songwriting has to do with a catchy hook for their song. It’s often used to create an awesome chorus, but it can also be used in verses and bridges too! 

The “rule of three” refers to the repetition of phrases or words in sets of threes. This technique has been used in popular music for centuries. It was first used by ancient poets and musicians as a way to keep their audience engaged throughout the performance—they didn’t want people getting bored halfway through!

Check out this weeks picks that have been written by excellent songwriters who understands how to get and keep our attention.

Indie Songwriters who Inspire you.. Playlist

Savannah Jaine – Someday Come Soon

 Music Genre: Indie Folk, Americana, Pop
 Vibe: Dreamy, Wistful, Romantic, Relaxing
 Located in: Manchester, UK and NYC, NY
 Sounds like: The Civil Wars, Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd,

Savannah Jaine Opens up about Struggle on New Single ‘Someday Come Soon’  

Someday Come Soon is a fabulous intimate indie folk song sung by Singer – songwriters Savannah Jaine. The song is warm and inspiring expressing that moment of longing for a dream that is ahead of you. The song comes with a special story. 


The Song Tailors- Best in Me 

Music Genre: Pop, Love Ballad, Duet 

Vibe: Chill, romantic dance, soft ballad 

Located in:  Melbourne, Australia (songwriter – Ruth Picker), Toronto, Canada (singer – Liam Isaac), Dublin, Ireland (singer – Muireann McDonnell), recorded at Abbey Road studios London, UK. 

Sounds like:  Ed Sheeran, Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper, Pink, Charlie Puth 

This is our first duet and the first single released from our Abbey Road Studios recordings. Ruth Picker – the songwriter – recorded Liam Isaac (from Toronto in Canada) and Muireann McDonnell (from Dublin in Ireland) at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London. It was a dream come true for everyone who travelled there for this recording and the first time we all met each other in person, having worked remotely over the course of the pandemic. It was a fantastic opportunity to record both Liam and Muireann in the same room at those iconic studios. Ruth wrote the song specifically for the two singers, knowing everyone would finally get together in person at Abbey Road. The song is about how we can bring out the best in each other, raise each other up and inspire positive relationships. Key lyrics from the chorus include “You lifted my arms when I couldn’t reach, you raised my voice when I couldn’t speak, you showed me what my eyes couldn’t see… you bring out the best in me”. Imagine a romantic dance to this soft love ballad or just listening to the chill vibe that will make you feel relaxed, inspired and positive about humanity. The Song Tailors is a creative project created by Ruth Picker – who writes both the music and lyrics. She works with singers & musicians from all over the world. This is her 39th release under The Song Tailors brand. 

Shradan – Limits

Release date: November 18
Music Genre: Bass House
Vibe: Dark, energetic
Located in: Los Angeles

The music is interesting and active with good consistent energy which fits perfectly in the Miami club scene. You’ve got the essentials taken care of on this track between beat, mix and eq.. Shradan, previously known as DJ Darsh, is an electronic dance music DJ and music producer based in Los Angeles.  A graduate in music production from Los Angeles Recording School, Shradan has been inspired by Tiesto, Calvin Harris, Jonas Blue, R3hab, and Alok.  Most recently his remix of Vassy & Vinny Vibe’s Don’t Wanna Be Right was selected from a remix competition as a runner up. ((https://open.spotify.com/artist/4FXmwn3D0tRzSiFTWml4XB?si=Qgy4jZYHQq2BopGy8B-_Kg) Instagram: djshradan

Dream Operator – Gone In Circles’

Music Genre: Indie
Vibe:  Energetic, upbeat, pensive but expansive
Located in: Oakland, CA
Sounds like:
Our music has been described as the Talking Heads wrestling with New Order. Grizzly Bear. The National. Public Image Ltd. Yann Tiersen in a Magnetic Fields cover band.

“Gone in Circles” is a song about how easy it is to get lost while you’re finding yourself, wrapped up in a bedroom chamber pop package. It’s the most pensive of our releases so far. 

Dream Operator uses electronic instruments, real instruments, and found sound to create catchy, compelling and unexpected songs – in the genres of chamber pop, synth pop and beyond.

Based in Oakland, CA, Dream Operator is a collective led by David Marc Siegel, with a background as much in formal classical music theory as in a gritty DIY punk ethos, and a strong inclination for generative visual art. Born from the ashes of a series of imploded bands and career directions – post-indie rock, post-art punk, and post-a several- year career writing music for online ads and theatrical productions.


Azul Kechi – Highs & Lows

Release date: Nov 20, 2022

Genre:  Retro SoulFunkAdult Contemporary

Moods: Happy, Energetic, Sexy

Similar artists: Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, Janelle Monae, LION BABE, Erykah Badu, Ari Lennox, Angie Stone

“This is my second song, ‘Highs & Lows’ a funky neo-soul/rnb influenced pop jam that’s sassy and will get you in your feels! 

A celestial rnb/soul/pop singer from outer space. Check out my debut single ‘Azul’ on all streaming platforms This is a funky, upbeat song with sassy, strong lyrics. It’s the follow up from my debut single ‘Azul’, giving a dancier flavour of soul pop, pop funk & RnB.

Matthew Thomas – All I Need to Hear

Release date: (Nov 24, 2022)

Genre: Singer SongwriterFolkAcoustic

Moods: Romantic, Chill

Similar artists: The 1975

Imagine if the 1975 wrote their new song “All I Need To Hear” with Morgen Wallen. Obviously that would never happen, but that’s the vibe that my cover of it emulates! Cheers. All I Need To Hear” is the second song of my new EP “Covered.” I picked four of my favorite songwriters (Harry Styles, The 1975, John Mayer, Kacey Musgraves) and reimagined their songs in my own folk-pop style while preserving the spirit. I hope you enjoy and look forward to your feedback!

Meadowhip-  Over

Release date: Nov 16, 2022

 This is the latest single from my upcoming debut EP. It offers a gentle champagne fizz and commentary on personal growth and transformation. I love this singers vocal. “Over” is like a bubble bath. It’s sweeps over you like a fragrant candle and warm soapy water. 

‘Over’ sees Wollongong’s meadowhip emerging from a chrysalis of self-doubt, her cool facade cracking to reveal a gentler, more intimate side of an artist more in tune with herself and her music than ever before.

The rawness of this single, pulled from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Ruckus’, out November 29th, sets the stage for an honest reflection and her most refined work to date fusing introspective and irreverent lyrics with woozy alt-R&B, pop and soul. Fans of Solange, Kehlani and H.E.R, and closer to home with Felivand, Liyah Knight and Beckah Amani will resonate with meadowhip’s lush vocals.

Meadowhip’s voice bends around gossamer guitar licks while ambient layered vocal textures weave throughout. Backed with well-placed synths and shimmering harmonies, ‘Over’ offers a gentle champagne fizz. Portraying the common experience of personal growth and transition, this deeply personal ode to transformation is wrapped in warmth, beauty and a gentle magic.

Frantic – Confidence & Sparks

Release date: Nov 17, 2022

Released by: van GARDEN music

Genre:  Singer SongwriterIndie FolkAcoustic

Similar artists: Coldplay, Bon Iver, Travis, Oasis, Damien Rice, Glen Hansard, Ray LaMontagne, Iron & Wine, Passenger

Especially the dark moments in life capture us, unsettle us, make us fragile. We lose ourselves in the search, try to stick to the tried and tested, but still dare to break new ground. It’ll get better, we know that. That was the case last time too. At some point hope will come back and with it «Confidence & Sparks». The trust in yourself and the sparks bring some light into the darkness again.

Legends & Deeds –  The Things That Bring Me Do

Release date: Nov 18, 2022 

Released by: DistroKid

Genre: Pop Rock, Indie Rock, Indie Pop

Similar artists: Weezer, They Might Be Giants, The Killers, Death Cab for Cutie, The Who

Rock song about an emotional vampire.  The guitar solo is what made this single stand out from the pack. That’s a talented guitarist.

Dojo for Crooks – Spacetime

Release date: Nov 25, 2022

Released by: Middleborn

Psychedelic RockIndie RockIndie Pop

Moods: Happy

Similar artists: Cage the Elephant, Grouplove, Portugal. The Man, Steve Miller Band

“Ultra-vibey crossover garage/pop song. Inspired by 70s psychedelia but with an upbeat modern twist. Thanks for listening! Lyrics available here: genius.com/Dojo-for-crooks-spacetime-lyrics.”

“Spacetime” is the psych-a-funk-a-delic new single from indie rockers, Dojo for Crooks. A fusion caught somewhere between Cage the Elephant and Steve Miller Band, the track pushes past a new boundary for the band. From the hippie-circle guitars and percussion to sun-bleached strings and horns, the song is a fitting reflection of Dojo’s offbeat personality. “Spacetime” was recorded in Portland, OR and released under Middleborn.

Dojo for Crooks is a two-piece indie-pop band led by singer, songwriter and producer, Braden Anderson. Originating in the Midwest and currently located in Portland, OR, they craft a unique style of fast-paced, infectious indie anthems that evoke the groups’ garage origins. Their music has been featured in major advertisements for Microsoft, Estee Lauder, and Facebook as well as in TV shows including MTV’s Teen Mom and ABC’s X-Games.

Modern Day Outlaw– March of the Sheep Brings fresh life to Indie Rock

Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Upbeat
Located in: Florida
Sounds like:  Lynyrd Skynyrd, Metallica, Pantera

This single starts with guitars blazing bringing all that we expect from an indie rock band today. With driving rhythms and signature gritty layers, March of the Sheep by Florida band Modern Day Outlaw checks all the most important rock boxes. This single is sure to delight rock music fans as this shiny penny flips elements of Metallica with Skynyrd into the air with a fresh luster.  ‘March of the Sheep’ is the generalization that todays society faces in which many have stopped thinking for themselves and blindly follow what they believe to be true.