Catalyst Combs – Rain

Release date: Oct 07, 2022

Released by: Catalyst Combs Music LLC

Genre: Alternative Hip-Hop, Alternative Rock

Similar artists: Two Feet, Grandson, Linkin Park, Twenty One Pilots

“Rain” is an ode to the dark times. To losing hope, losing love, losing yourself. It’s a love song for self-sabatoge in search of relief. This is the first release for Catalyst Combs (formely known as DRAE) under his new name. Catalyst Combs (formerly known as DRAE) is an alternative artist who draws genre-blending influences from Rage Against The Machine, grandson and Linkin Park – combining elements of hip-hop, electronic, and blues rock alongside observational, insightful songwriting.

The result is a high energy melting pot of sound that translates to an engaging and frantic live performance.