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Hip hop is pushing past traditional boundaries

Strong Hip Hop trends for 2023 are happening right now that are pushing this genre past it’s traditional rap boundaries once again. These dramatic changes are happening because hip hop is a living, breathing art form. It evolves and shifts as new artists come into the spotlight.

Each artist creating music for this powerful music category brings new ideas to the table and challenge what has already been done; this keeps things fresh for listeners.

Here’s a short list of some Hip hop New Comers who are ready to rise in 2023.

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Miguel Rivera Yo No Se is pure Hip Hop Gold

According to Indie Music Spin, The Plugs Grandson aka Miguel Rivera has Gold on his new single Yo No Se. The artist just revamped his entire music brand. Miguel Rivera is a true artist on his way to music stardom as Indie Music Spins Best Flow superstar. His unique blend of Spanish and English dialect makes his sound very special but it’s his flow that we love. Miguel’s music brand is refined and will provide listeners with a true Latin Hip Hop experience. This sound has the potential to dominate if he shows consistency and growth in this next 12 months moving forward. It will be exciting seeing what he does next. 

‘Moving Stars (Prod. by Yogic Beats)’ by Lemar French (Yaw FTS)

Lemar French, recently released his debut single entitled, “Moving Stars”, produced by Yogic Beats. If a smooth-jazzy, hip-hop style record with catchy choral elements fits your fancy, his aim is to bring a song for fans of Curren$y, Mac Miller, Kendrick Lamar, to Smoke DZA ! This single is unique and very well blended. There’s a chill feel that resembles lo-fi lounge against a melodic rap filled with focus and empowerment.

Lefty Beenrich – UP

Lefty Beenrich has a fresh new single leading up to his Ep launch. The video is very well produced with beautiful smooth cultural beats paired with inspiring themes on romance.

Welcome To Boston by Brett Will

A high powered anthem. The Boston Bruins of the NHL hired this artist to make their official playoff anthem. The single features all of the players names, with live drums, horns and some guitar. This artist shows real potential as an inspirational creator in his field.