The Shameless Band – It’s Alright

Music Genre: Rock Country Americana
Vibe: Easy listening
Located in: California

When it comes to storytelling, I am really enjoying The Shameless Band with their newest release “It’s Alright” from their ”Less Is More” EP written during Covid Lockdown. 

A great songwriter knows that music can influence change, and it can help bring people together. The best songwriters understand that the power of their words has the ability to heal wounds, inspire hope and give us all something to sing about on the way home from work. That’s why we need to appreciate the songwriters who spend their time telling stories that comfort us. There are a lot of things that make a song great, but one of the biggest factors is the story it tells.

I feel like this band really focused in on writing rock songs that are speaking honestly in a time in which the world feels like it’s falling apart. The Shameless Band has a way of healing wounds, inspiring hope and giving us all something to sing about. This terrific group knows how to connect with listeners by taking them on an emotional journey through lyrics that are relatable and honest.

Well done.

Review by Jacqueline Jax

Everyone understands the need to settle down and get back to the basics. Love, home and family. At the core of this song is just that. The Shameless Band sings ”It’s Alright” In the midst of chaos lies great opportunity,” as noted by Albert Einstein; and proven by The Shameless Band.

In 2019, the band, then known as “Shades” to represent their diversity, led the first music program established at a non-profit health plan. 

They made such an impression that the CEO and President of the Yamaha Music and Wellness Institute approached the band for collaboration and partnership to spread music programs in the business sector for wellness and engagement. The band’s passion for extending life, love, and positivity through music was well on its way until 2020, when COVID chaos happened. And the world shut down.

The band went separate ways while three band members, Kory Body, Danny Castro and Michael Lopez poured out every emotion possible writing ”Less Is More” 2nd off their debut EP is ”It’s Alright”