Songs that change your mood and inspire you to push through your day

Let’s face it; we all have days when we just want to collapse on our couch and do nothing. Life is a real struggle but instead of caving under the weight of your world, why not motivate yourself with these inspiring songs to push you through the day?

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80 Indie songwriters who have new songs that will Motivate and inspire you today.

Songs that motivate you

Songs that motivate you to dare to dream, to never give up and push through the tough times. It makes you feel that you are not alone in this world and it’s okay to feel down every once in a while. The best thing about music is that it doesn’t judge you for your past mistakes or failures but it helps you move forward with hope and inspiration.

The power of music to inspire is undeniable and there are many songs out there that can help you get motivated. It doesn’t matter whether you’re working out in the gym or simply going through a rough patch, these songs will uplift your spirits and make you feel like you can take on the world.

So if you’re feeling down, here are some songs to get you motivated again:

Jake Scott- Good day

“Good Day” – a funky, optimistic track about the importance of having a positive outlook. Co-written by Scott, Noah Conrad (Niall Horan), Josh Kerr (Kelsea Ballerini), and Daniel Silberstein (Sasha Alex Sloan), the feel-good song is available on streaming.

The Wandering Off- Hey There

Calgary, Alberta duo The Wandering Off are ready to capture your attention with Hey There, the first single off their 12-track self-titled debut album.

It’s an upbeat blast of catchy, grungy, 90s inspired rock with crunchy guitars, melodic hooks and memorable vocal melodies that wears the subtle influence of bands like Garbage and Letters to Cleo on its sleeve. Hey There celebrates the beauty of imperfection, the art of not worrying about the mistakes you’ve made, because after all, as Emily Corner sings, you “Can’t please ‘em all, cuz when you jump you fall.”

Their sound is at once familiar and nostalgic as well as fresh and new. Like finding a brand new sweater styled along classic lines, The Wandering Off combines comfort and excitement in one neat, chiming package, with catchy vocal melodies to boot. (Watch the video here)

The Song Tailors – Step off the world

The song is full of meaning, inviting listeners to explore and interpret the lyrics. Inspired by the Nordic Northern lights, the song takes the listener on a journey with lyrical and sonic imagery.  (read more here)

Savannah Jaine Country Artist – Someday Come Soon

Savannah Jaine is a dynamic artist duel-based in NYC and Manchester, UK. ‘Someday Come Soon’ is a fabulous intimate indie folk song sung by Singer – songwriters Savannah Jaine. The song is warm and inspiring expressing that moment of longing for a dream that is ahead of you. The song comes with a special story. (read more here)

WEZ KING – We Were Young

Wez is now back with his latest offering, the feel good, reminiscent tune of ‘We Were Young’. This songwriter creates great uplifting songs that sweep you away in light.

‘Voices In My Head’ by Julian Elda x Alina Inka

‘Voices In My Head’ by Julian Elda x Alina Inka is a touching track that brings both beauty and honesty to a simple music production. This song is lovely to listen to with very authentic expressions about a relationship.  This song is a collaboration between the two Austrian artists Julian Elda and Alina Inka, which actually tells the story of the relationship between those two. (Read more here)

Cabela and Schmitt – A Dreamer

Cabela and Schmitt’s ‘A Dreamer’ uses Life Experiences to pass a lifeline to others. Their single ‘A Dreamer’ is a beautiful ballad reminding you to believe in yourself enough to trust in the future and leave the past behind. It is never easy to trust your heart and mind again after falling down. It is tough to believe that life can be good again. Cabela and Schmitt encourages you to be easier on yourself and although the past is often a part of our present, we should not let it define us.  (Read more here)

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The Song Tailors- Best in Me 

The song is about how we can bring out the best in each other, raise each other up and inspire positive relationships. Key lyrics from the chorus include “You lifted my arms when I couldn’t reach, you raised my voice when I couldn’t speak, you showed me what my eyes couldn’t see… you bring out the best in me”.  (Read more here)

Natalie Clark – How High

“Scottish indie sensation skyrocketed to international prominence, ‘How High’ showcases the vocal virtuosity that mesmerized audiences across the country. A stirring, emotionally uplifting track.”

The Shameless Band’s ‘It’s Alright’ is music that Brings people together

Everyone understands the need to settle down and get back to the basics. Love, home and family. At the core of this song is just that. The Shameless Band sings ”It’s Alright” In the midst of chaos lies great opportunity,” as noted by Albert Einstein; and proven by The Shameless Band.