Discovering great songwriters with consistent releases can be hard to find. So many artists release music for a time and them stop but Cabela and Schmitt is a machine. They have a large catalog of music that will be around for years to come. If you are looking for new music to get into, I would highly suggest checking out Cabela and Schmitt! 

That’s why we need to appreciate the songwriters who spend their time telling stories that comfort us. There are a lot of things that make a song great, but one of the biggest factors is the story it tells and how much it inspires us. Cabela and Schmitt are one of my favorite songwriting teams because they tell stories that connect with me. This is why I love their music so much. They have a way of capturing emotions in a way that makes you feel like part of the story.

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Cabela & Schmitt are: Rich Cabela (guitar, keyboards), Wayne Schmitt (guitar, keyboards), and Tom Schmitt (bass guitar, keyboards).

We are a trio of friends who have been collaborating for over 40 years.  We are all given a voice, in some way or another, to communicate how we see and experience the world. We have chosen to expose our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the best way we can….through a song. 

Our music is really a snapshot of our life.

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