Cabela and Schmitt – So Good

Music Genre: Rock
Vibe: Driving
Located in: Nebraska and Colorado
Sounds like: Eagles, Coldplay

‘So Good’ by Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt celebrates that special someone in your life who makes you feel so fantastic just by being around them. Lucky is a man or woman who has had one or two of these moments. The atmosphere around them makes you want to tell the whole world about it. This ultra catchy tune has a dreamy sound that will get caught in your head.

The lyrics are simple and relatable, making it easy to sing along to. Cabela and Schmitt’s songwriting prowess is on full display in “So Good,” with each line flowing smoothly into the next. The melody is inspired and cheerful, reflecting the joyful feeling of being around that special someone. It’s no wonder this song has become a fan-favorite. With “So Good,” Cabela and Schmitt have truly captured the essence of what it means to be in love and feel truly happy.