Tony Venuto, an indie rock musician from the San Francisco Bay Area, has recently released a captivating new single titled “Go To The Light”. This track serves as the opening song on his upcoming album, *City and Sand*, set to be released on January 8, 2024. The infectious and uplifting nature of “Go To The Light” leads us to explore the unique blend of musical influences that Tony Venuto brings to his sound.

The Inspirational Message

In a society rife with hatred and negativity, Tony Venuto takes a refreshing approach by emphasizing love and positivity in his music. “Go To The Light” serves as an anthem, encouraging listeners to embrace the power of positivity. With its funky layered guitars, driving bassline, and energetic drums, the track evokes a nostalgic sound reminiscent of artists like LCD Soundsystem, the Doobie Brothers, and Lou Reed.

A Stellar Supporting Cast

Tony Venuto’s musical prowess is further accentuated by the talented musicians featured on his album. Notable members of the supporting cast include bassist Tim Lefebvre, known for his work with David Bowie and Jon Batiste, drummer Victor Indrizzo, who has played with Beck and Alanis Morrissette, and backing vocalist Tori Elliott (also known as Victoria Victoria). Their contributions add depth and richness to the overall sound of “Go To The Light” and the album as a whole.

“Go To The Light” Music Video

To fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Tony Venuto’s “Go To The Light”, be sure to check out the accompanying music video on YouTube. The visual representation of the song complements the infectious energy and positive message, creating a holistic experience for the viewer.

With his new single “Go To The Light”, Tony Venuto showcases his talent and his ability to create engaging and uplifting music. The fusion of various musical influences results in a unique and nostalgic sound that will resonate with listeners. As we eagerly await the release of *City and Sand* on January 8, 2024, let us embrace the positive message and vibrant energy that Tony Venuto brings to the indie rock scene.