MarMan Releases UK HipHop street style on 'The Let Down'

Street style HipHop rises in the UK talking about life struggles

Hip Hop has always been about being culturally relevant, perhaps even more than other genres, and this has led artists to take well-known sounds from other cultures and adopt them into their own unique blends.

Although all genres of music have their niches and fans, there are some notable jumps in the areas of UK music and we are seeing new artists pop up every day with an easy flow and authentic lyrics.

MarMan ‘The Let Down’ is coming out of the UK and plays up well to the UK hiphop trend happening right now. The UK is known for being a very multicultural country, and this has led to various styles of music being created by artists from different backgrounds. The result is a melting pot of genres from rnb to edm.

MarMan has a nice blend of street style in hiphop pushing those stories with honesty and insight into the lives of ordinary people. The song has a very catchy hook, and I think it will be well received by audiences who enjoy this genre.

UK hiphop has always been around but this recent surge in new artists is a testament to the fact that the genre is still very much alive and kicking in this area of the world. The scene is very vibrant, and I think it’s only going to get better. With the advancements in technology making music production and distribution so accessible, it’s really a great time to be a rapper. It’s better than ever before and I think we will continue to see some amazing things from UK hiphop artists in the years ahead.

Hip-Hop MC and producer coming from Brighton UK MarMan’s love for Hip-Hop music and culture has been prominent since childhood. This is an artist who takes pride in authentic lyricism and production.


Another notable artist recently discovered showing the softer side of the UK HipHop trend is GNinoInTheBuilding. His vibes on RnB infusion ‘Full Moon’ are right on point incorporating the recent evolution of RnB in Hiphop