Uk Hip Hop is a cultural Trend in 2023

Everyone loves a good pop culture trend and hip hop music is no exception. With the advent of Afrobeats, Bossa Nova, and EDM into Hip Hop culture, what’s to come in 2023? Hip Hop has always been about being culturally relevant, perhaps even more than other genres, and this has led artists to take well-known sounds from other cultures and adopt them into their sound.

Although all genres of music have their niches and fans, there are some notable jumps in the areas of UK music, Dance Music, Afrobeats and EDM.

One artists recently discovered showing the softer side of the UK HipHop trend is GNinoInTheBuilding. His vibes on RnB infusion ‘Full Moon’ are right on point incorporating the recent evolution of RnB in Hiphop this year with that British accent. What a great mix. 

GNinoInTheBuilding – Full Moon

Released by: VSN.

UK Hip-Hop

Moods: Romantic

Release date:  Feb 02, 2023

GNinoInTheBuilding is a Music Artist from London.

Through smooth Melodies and bars  NinoInTheBuilding finds a way to convey different feelings and emotions into his music. 

Blessed with a talented singing voice and the ability to Rap GNinoInTheBuilding combines both into his music to create his own unique sound in the Fusion Genre Rnbdrill. 

The fusion of the 2 genres allows GNinoInTheBuilding to combine the two and express his more softer side from the RNB Genre but is also able to integrate the more fierce hard hitting bars using his rapping ability and the hard hitting 808’s over the smooth melodies.

GNinoInTheBuilding’s Music ability and love for music allows him to bring his style to different genres allowing him to be versatile and express his sound in different forms.

GNinoInTheBuilding tells the story of falling in Love on a Full Moon. The song has a chill vibe filled with moody presence. The vocalist really appeals to both a hiphop and RnB listener. It’s an all around solid sound coming out of the UK. 

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