With the evolution of technology, Atmospheric pop music is more accessible than ever before

This new style, known as atmospheric pop incorporates ambient elements in music production. Atmospheric Pop grew in popularity over 2019, with both mainstream and underground artists taking inspiration from this new sound. As we move into 2023, technology is bringing new artists closer to us through the ease of production and distribution. This open and unedited access allows new artists experimenting with the genre to push more music out with quality and speed.

In this new era of music, artists have the ability to connect with their fans on a deeper level. Atmospheric Pop has allowed for more personal experiences in music creation. With its lack of boundaries and restrictions, the genre allows room for experimentation and innovation in production techniques.

Release date: Feb 24, 2023 

Genre: Ambient Meditation music

“Montreal’s Rosalie Bea, is releasing a new music video for her single “Under The Surface,” an atmospheric pop ode about being true to yourself and emotions during times of turmoil and unease.”

For several years, Rosalie Bea worked composing for other artists, before working on her music to build her authentic universe. Also a graphic designer, the artist wants to use digital technology to mix forms of expression, both music and design, together.

Music to Breathe is her first album, produced by Francis Ledoux (Helena Deland, Jesse Mac Cormack, Emily and Ogden). Seven songs with the same peculiarity of evoking a sense of serenity. A serenity that was necessary for her early twenties, when she had to learn how to survive the deep feeling of being uprooted. Music to breathe is the hope of learning to grow by continuing to listen to yourself, to go at your own pace, and to embrace our vulnerabilities as much as our strengths.

Mainly influenced by Sufjan Stevens and Alt-J, her music is the fruit of these emotions, resulting in an indie-pop sound with folk inspirations. Her relationship with music is like a soundtrack that accompanies people through moments of their lives. That’s what she wants to create with her songs. It’s not a performance. It’s an intimate relationship between oneself and the song.

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