Abøn inspiring soundscape music with stary night art work with girl.

Abøn releases captivating new music that is thought provoking

Pop music is shifting toward a more experimental space, and we need to protect that creative process by encouraging artists who dare to step outside the box. Important Pop Edm Music Trends of 2023 are changing quickly but there is one composure standing out from the crowd.

Abøn is a composer, vocalist, producer and dancer with a gift for creating captivating soundscapes that has the power to deliver an important message. ‘Orion’ is a wonderful exploration of her talents that demonstrated the artists ability to create thought provoking artistry in music. The energy of the song is enchanting, uplifting, and motivating, inviting listeners into a warm field of ethereal sound and enlivened imagination.

Her gentle yet captivating vocals, lush string arrangements, and harmonious movement, bring a classical canvas to her pop-infused melodies. She brings a sense of peacefulness and honesty to her listeners, and evokes imagination, bringing her audience to a world of wonder and fantasy.

Genre-defying artist Abøn releases next single “Orion” today. 

Music Review Written by Jacqueline Jax

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Music has a powerful effect on us

Music has a powerful effect on us and is an essential part of our daily lives so it’s important that we each take time to support the people who create it. Artists who are making their mark in the industry today can easily go unseen in the massive quantity of song releases each day. But quantity and quality are not synonymus.

Abøn is a quality artist who delivers consistently. Her music is an experience rather than just a new track, it will never disappoint you. Support Abøn by listening and sharing her music.

Abøn – Orion
Music Genre: Pop
Vibe: Enchanting, uplifting, ethereal, inspiring
Located in: Canada
Sounds like: Aurora, Lana Del Ray

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Current achievements: 

Abøn’s music is featured in American Hallmark films, the Danish feature film “Tag Min Hånd”, and she is featured in the TV series “Carmen Curlers.” 

“The cinematic nature of Abøn’s Orion makes you want to stop what you’re doing,  get outside, look up at the night sky, and  feel yourself expand”

Lauren Pedersen aka ABØN

Danish-Canadian multi-faceted artist Abøn grew up in the Canadian prairies, studying classical piano and ballet and later guitar, bass, cello and drums which she picked up on her own in various bands, quickly discovering her passion for writing and arranging. After an injury during her professional dance career, she began “The Willows” a vocal jazz trio, where she was the writer and arranger. After performing and touring internationally for many years from Russia and Japan to North America, her musical curiosity continued to evolve, and she began to explore a new world of sound through the origin of Abøn.

Social Links & Website:

instagram: @abonmusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/abonartist

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjjgQJPPc7E3UBFMRY2bv-w

Website: www.abonmusic.com