When it comes to riding trends in music, it can be risky. But if you’re able to find the right niche and create the perfect song for it, then you can enjoy some serious success. 

The Indie Billie mico-niche

One of the best examples of music trends is the Billie Eilish mico-niche that has emerged after the success of Billie Eilish. This music trend is an unspoken thing that no one is talking about, but it definitely exists. Billie Eilish has been able to capitalize on the growing popularity of indie music by creating catchy songs that are easy on the ear. There’s an entire genre now composed around that sound called Indie Billie that started being scene more prevalently in 2020-2021 with her ‘Happier than ever’ album. The songs are filled with delicate intimacy and capture a particular audience very well.

One artist who has been diving deeper into this vein of Indie billie music is v3x.

Her single ‘D34D’ from 2021 captures this elegant and fragile sound effortlessly. Its catchy lofii bedroom indie pop grooves are addicting and set an easy listening backdrop to those chill weekends of summer. I really love how she blends in a repetitive backing vocal that supports the rhythm well yet honest compete with the lead vocal. 

Her voice is unique with a recognizable sound and interesting presence. I love how she uses her stylized vocals to frame the song rhythm further accenting the beat and timing of the instruments. 

It’s a great pop song with terrific original art work to compliment it.

Music Review written by Jacqueline Jax 

About ‘D43D’

The song ‘D43D’ is about feeling invisible to your significant other. It’s about trying and trying and getting no recognition for it.. and about being taken for granted. A lot of my music is a result of my aggravated/frustrated subconscious.. it is the only way I know how to release.

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Connect with the artists Social Links & Website:
instagram – https://www.instagram.com/vthreex/

spotify – https://open.spotify.com/artist/2p3Fuj9eyGihPhiuUMVp7I?si=zW4-mksDQ8eNPPT1whB6Og

Twitter – https://twitter.com/assfukd

Apple – https://music.apple.com/us/artist/v3x/1475950614

Soundcloud – https://soundcloud.com/soouhsahyd