This is a pop rap, upbeat, emotional and lyrically-enhanced track that talks about the struggles we can have balancing our own morals. 

It’s messaging includes how hard it can be to fight back personal demons and correct regretful past actions, all the while still painting the picture of an existing relationship that falls victim to the outside world. That said, it’s got great energy, bumps very well and has replay value like crazy. It has a quick but very big hook as well. Enjoy baby!

Born alongside the coast New Jersey, Kayden McCarthy began his musical journey in the city of Amsterdam, NL where he spent the better part of his childhood. Later moving to central Illinois and eventually settling in the city of Chicago, it became clear to Kayden that music was evidently going to play a large role in life. 

Influenced by late 90’s rock ‘n’ roll, early 2000’s hip hop and modern day electro pop music, Kayden uses attributes developed early in life to apply to his unique sound, ranging anywhere from drifting towards soft house markets to seeking comfort behind his acoustic guitar. 

Kayden’s ability to strain together vocals in a Harry Styles-like manner, combined with his incredible passion for songwriting makes him just as hungry for musical success than anyone.