FM Wu’s newest HipHop single ‘Scapegoat’ has a powerful message of life delivered with commitment and focus.

The artists’ voice has a smooth refined sound with a rhythmic flow. There’s a storytelling quality to this single and the way the artist phrases his rap feels like a personal conversation to the listener. The artists wisdom of experience is being passed on through his music. He uses popular commercial melodies to enhance the tracks catchy flow. The artist brings his wrap talent forward on this single with a uniquely produced backtrack. The music surrounds the words creating a supportive bed filled with epic passionate vibes. He’s blended genres well creating a sound that resonates with a mainstream audience. 

FM Wu is a Hip-Hop artist

FM Wu is a Hip-Hop artist based in Washington D.C. with 3 albums under his belt and a plethora of exciting singles, he is no stranger to the scene, making a name for himself through his signature sound, blending hip-hop foundations with popular genres. Whether he’s taking inspiration from long-time idols Young Thug and Big Sean or his latest influences A$AP Rocky and Tyler The Creator, FM Wu is fueled by his passion for his craft. 

FM Wu grew up listening to rap music and decided it was something he wanted to pursue, bringing his own identity to the industry. Intrigued by the freedom the rock star lifestyle entails, FM Wu saw it as a career path that would fulfill his creativity while reaping the therapeutic rewards of expressing himself through songwriting he is never one to suffer from writers’ block.

A scapegoat refers to someone who takes the blame for situations when the other person wants to avoid the blame. FM Wu explains this concept in the song: “Scapegoat’ is about the expectations placed upon me through every avenue of life. From the streets to toxic relationships, I hold it all on my shoulders.” In a world full of prejudice, this is a story many listeners will relate to.

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