This week we are blown away by rock singles just discovered. If you are a fan of rock music, you will love this list!

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Every week music curator Jacqueline Jax goes on the hunt for new music to grace our Fresh Picks Friday list. With literally thousands of songs to listen to, we try to find songs that are in the moment reflecting a mix of current culture and sound that inspires through its message.

This Weeks Picks:

NEW Single ‘Tell Me a Lie’ by The Fool’s Agenda was born out of the pandemic

The fourth track off The Fool’s Agenda’s debut album, Reversing the Tower, ‘Tell Me a Lie’ was born out of the pandemic, a song about not having the people closest to you there to tell you that everything will be okay — even if you know it’s not true.

Influences include: Pink Floyd, Stevie Nicks, and Sammy Rae & the Friends. The Fool’s Agenda has been described as “Woodstock and grunge thrown in a blender”.

Boo Box Finds Their Sound on New Single ‘So Long’

Inspired by the wave of pop-punk and alternative rock bands of the early 2000s, Queen Creek, Arizona Alternative Rock Band Boo Box contributes to that era while living in the present.

‘Highway 101’ by Greg Hoy is a rock song about the anticipation of love

The melodies of ‘Highway 101’ represent the rite of passage within ‘the great American road trip’.

Edgy Florida rock band L’exquisite Douleur New Single: ‘We Dance To All The Wrong Songs’

‘We Dance To All The Wrong Songs’ by edgy Florida rock band L’exquisite Douleur redefines metal influences with catchy hooks and an alternative flavor.

U.K. based band ‘A Few Too Many’ packs plenty of punch, anchored by elite vocals | ‘Someday’

Watch the video for ‘Someday’ by this UK based rock band that seems to be causing a stir among music curators.

Listen to ‘Better’ by Lines & Laces from upcoming EP, “Party On My Dear”

Lines and Laces Breaks off a Relationship to discover a hollow victory on New Single ‘Better’ 

We Will Never Surrender By Extinction Rebellion is about Global Warming and Climate Change.

Global Warming or Climate Change, people all around the World are suffering, Governments must act, ‘now’.

Baltimore-based trio Nightlife burst onto the alternative scene with ‘New Low’

A band that appeared out of no where but is getting the attention of music curators is about to make a bigger play with an Ep follow up to this summer release ‘New Low’ which has been very well received by indie music critics.


Artist: Indigo FM

New Release: Daffodil

Genre: Indie Rock, Alternative Rock

Sounds like: : Oasis, The Strokes, Blur

Located in: : Los Angeles, United States

Discovered on this Rock Playlist <here>