‘We Dance To All The Wrong Songs’ by edgy Florida rock band L’exquisite Douleur redefines metal influences with catchy hooks and an alternative flavor. There are bands playing with mixes of metal with the catchy yet grunge rock sounds of commercial mainstream artists. L’exquisite Douleur seems to have succeeded in getting a great mix of many rock fan favorites.


Review by Bradley Zorgdrager

The rise of MTV “screamo” found bands on two sides: those who added an edge to already sharp hooks and those who desperately tried to pop up their riffing. The latter were left at the bottom of the ocean when the wave crashed, whereas the former (My Chemical RomanceSilversteinthe Used) kept their heads above water by riding damn surfboards. Place L’exquisite Douleur firmly in that camp. A perfectly timed shotgun blast in “Corpse Party” is of their scene yet also serves as a warning: These Floridians will blow you away. 

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