A band that appeared out of no where but is getting the attention of music curators is about to make a bigger play with an Ep follow up to this summer release ‘New Low’ which has been very well received by indie music critics.

We are excited to see where their music taks us.

‘If this is the first you’re hearing of nightlife, we can guarantee it won’t be the last. The Baltimore-based trio burst onto the alternative scene this summer with their debut tracks “new low,” “all i know” and “lonely,” a rendition of Rob Thomas’ “Lonely No More.” Their unique blend of pop-punk-centric, soulful vocals and calculated funk basslines will draw you in immediately. nightlife brilliantly oscillate between distinct heavy melodies and bright modern rock. We are craving more from the East Coasters and are excited to watch them grow and gain much-deserved popularity. — review by Maria Serra