Ruth Picker from The Song Tailors has this special way of telling a story. Her beautiful character really shows in her work and every song stands above the rest with passion, positivity and heartfelt emotion. Her songwriting is engaging so when you listen to her lyrics you really connect with the story teller.

Jacqueline Jax AVA Live Radio Host : Music Journalist

The single reflects on how we can’t control everything in our lives, how we had to adapt to disruption, and how some good things have come out of disaster. 

The newest single from The Song Tailors, sung by Muireann McDonnell is a true story and a reflection on this time in our history. ‘Waiting for Abbey Road’ is a song for these times. It was written at the height of the pandemic and is more relevant today than ever as the world grapples with the ongoing disruption caused by the pandemic. 

The song tailors Abby road

Muireann McDonnell

The song is sung by Muireann McDonnell – who was Ireland’s junior Eurovision entrant in 2017. She sings the story with warmth and connection. The instrumentation is soft and acoustic – guitar and mandolin feature, paying tribute to The Beatles, who famously recorded at Abbey Road studios in London.

Also listen out for some hidden titles of Beatles songs in the lyrics! The melody is lilting and catchy. This song is a new classic, sure to be enduring.


The Song Tailors ‘Waiting for Abbey Road’ is a reflection on this time in our history