Jordan Joseph takes the world into a Royal Dream with his first single since “Cruel Intentions”.

With the sultry Urban Pop song “Purple Fantasy” produced by Day Underscore and Mix and Mastered by Trev Yarash & Alex DeYoung. Purple Fantasy brings a Passionate Hip Hop beat with Pop vocals from the artist in a love tone the world needs. Prepare for a world fill with imagination and love.

Love is Everything; Love is the Blueprint. I am Love, and why music will know me as Jordan Joseph Th Blu Princ. My goal with my music and presence is to inspire love and imagination back into the world and world of music. Through a love tone and layers of sounds and lyrics. 

“It’s about temptations of life and love with someone you can’t have right now, Its about focuIt’sg your love on you and where you are headed. Nomatter the dNo matter temptation.” Jordan reveals. “Although you want to share your love, you hold out.” For me, the record is very true. Having spent much of my journey catering to the world outside of myself, I needed to focus my love and energy on self. With great imagination and an awesome hook, you have Purple Fantasy. “

Right now…

I am most excited about creating new music. As the music being released now was created while homeless and living out of my car. Though the imagination and fun is there, I have experienced and learned so much that I am excited to bring new music into a world craving music with more meaning and love. I want to make the world feel, to dance again in love, unity, and joy. I am working on a visual for this new single as well as my first EP.

Artist: Jordan Joseph

New Release: Purple Fantasy

Genre: Commercial, Pop, Urban Pop, R&B, Singer-Songwriter

Sounds like: : ZAYN, The WEEKND, Drake, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Usher, Prince

Located in:  Phoenix, AZ

Instagram :