Singer songwriter from Long Island NY, Ken Dunckley has been working hard to define himself in his music. His succession of work has shown great promise with unrefined but focused elements of his boyhood influences and a keen talent for rhyme. One thing I have come to appreciate from his work is creativity within the lyrics. When I listen to his music, I appreciate his ability to work a rhythm into common life concepts.

“Queen of the broken Hearts” is very significant in his journey as the song features his late drummer Patrick Nestor who was a very dear friend and the band’s music director for live gigs. The album will be dedicated in his honor and this song is being released in it’s rough demo form to remember and pay tribute to a long time friend, music collaborator and his family.

My blessings to you Ken and to the Nestor family for your lose. I hope you will remember the good times and know that Patrick will always be present in the music you have created together. He will forever be in all our hearts.

Jacqueline Jax
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Who is your creation aimed at?
Since I grew up on rock radio and 50s/60s music, this song is a throwback to classic rock. It has a Beatlesque/Van Halen quality to it. I target my music to a demographic mostly of people my age or about 10 years younger to older. This particular tune falls into what might be called melodic hard rock, power pop, AOR classic rock, etc.

How is this release significant to your music journey?
It’s the first single from our upcoming debut album which we hope to finish this spring. It’s a bittersweet release because it features our late drummer Patrick Nestor who was instrumental not just in recording the drums but also doing arrangements and was basically the band’s music director for live gigs. The album will be dedicated in his honor.

Does this release come before or after anything specifically important that may be noted?
In addition to being what are the last recorded tracks of our late drummer and friend Pat, the track is also the prelude to what will come later on the album. It’s the album’s first track as well as our first single for download.

Our last release was a demo version of our song “Forever Is a Long Time” which you can hear on Soundcloud.

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