With his first world wide pop rock album, Alan Heart marks a major milestone in his music career and life. Braving the lose of his job after discovering a heart problem, the artist poured himself into his long time passion to climb one last mountain, making this album everything that he’s always wished for but never realized.

Alan takes us on a journey from a lighter shade of pop to a rock fantasy filled with innovative undertones that walk a punk grunge border. He allows us to walk his journey through a self examination that challenges his own personal boundaries as an artist.

I loved how he pushed his own boundaries on each track as the album progresses. The edgier flavors took it somewhere he’s never been and didn’t know he could go. That’s a true artist.

Jacqueline Jax
Music Journalist and Host of www.AvALiveRadio.com


“My Time”
The title track of the Album pays homage to true love and the human spirit to align ones energy with another. The lyrics are inspiring with that serenading vibration only romantic energy can summon.

The Girl I Know:
A teasing track with lively beat and funny sarcasm on the trials of love and relationships. Alan Heart leaves us really wanting a music video painting the scene already spinning in our imaginations on this one.

Out of Control:
A rhythmic quick paced musical treat highlighting the Artist flair for bringing innovative sounds to life. The lyrics are catchy coming alive with harmonies nostalgic flavors.

A dreamy ear-scape that reflects honest sentiment from the artist. I enjoyed the innovative touches of electronic instrumentation weaved within a delicate piano melody.

Shifts in perception encase the listener in this new wave pop rock production melting creative ideas into a blissful landscape of electronic motion.

Need to be With You:
An intimate new age pop rock ballad with an innovative musical arrangement melting the artists favorite ideas into an expansive sound.

A song for the guitar fans, Somedays leads with a rock push enfolding short punk flavors for an edgier sound. This track shows that Alan Heart has written an Album that appeals to a wider audience.

There’s a dream
Who doesn’t love a dream? Follow Allan Heart on his journey through his imagination. He makes his fans feel like anything is possible if you just reach for it.

Muzungu Boy
A melting of styles leading with an edgier feel that drives forward with each moment. You will enjoy the fantasy world of sounds exploding within this production. It feels like Alan is experimenting with his sound seeing how far he can push his own boundaries and taking us alone for the ride.

The Drug
It feels like the artist has walked forward with a much edgier sound coming to the end of his album. As a listener, you feel like you have walked a musical journey with him pushing through boundaries and jumping into a musical fantasy.

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Artists Notes:
My album is based on a “Triangle” concept where the Pop and Rock take the front stage while another style is added on top in order to create a very diversified album. I believe this concept allows me to reach those people who, like me, enjoy many genres of music.The release of my album is very significant because it is my first complete album ever to hit the market. The way it was done is also significant to me:


Four years ago, I was diagnosed with having huge heart problems. This meant that, in one second, I lost my career as an airline pilot and found myself in the streets. It took a lot of motivation to find the strength to fight one last battle and make this album.  I was able to do it and for me, it is the biggest achievement of my life !!

This album, My Time, is the first professional work I have done since I was diagnosed with having major heart problems. I have been writing music for almost 20 years but I used to write under the name “Latcer”. This character I created was very macho and the topics for the different songs were reflecting that fact… The “Latcer” project was never meant to become a commercial one. It was meant as music exploration and preparation.

For my new project, I wanted to write music through my own heart and not through the eyes of a character. This means the album is very different than what I used to write and much more personal in its lyrics !!

My latest release was “Haze” (The song we did the first time around). It should go on radio tracking in winter 2017. Just before that, I released “The Girl I Know” (fall 2016) with its music video and just before that, in spring 2016, I released my first radio single “Out of Control”.

Alan Heart

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