Maryland Indie Artist, Natalie Jean surprises us with a high energy remix of her single “Red Room”.  Just when you thought she was sitting pretty riding the wave of her multi-nominated Album “Unafraid” the artist delights fans with a hot trending version now being requested in the hottest clubs from Miami to Denmark.

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Artists notes:

“Unafraid” is aimed at anyone that is done with a friend/partner/boyfriend/girlfriend who leaves and shows up whenever he or she wants too, and expects you to be fine with it.
It is significant to my musical journey, because it defines what I will and will not accept in this music business. It’s time to set up a new set of rules.
This single was released on July 8th. It was included in my album “Unafraid.”   (Itune: )
My new Pop album “Unafraid,” is an extremely important album to me.
It talks about my experiences as a woman in relationships and the different emotions that come out of that. Being betrayed and lied too; realizing you were not into that person, but liked what they had to say; the same old lines being used and nothing coming out of it; wondering when I will meet the right person; tired of dealing with crap, etc… I wanted to do something different. I felt that people needed songs that gave them an outlet to vent and to have self-love. An album, where you don’t have to deal with someone else’s crap.
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