Sitting between arena rock and the classic sound of 60’s soul singers, Philadelphia and Los Angeles based band PHNTMS create rock music bursting with vast soundscapes and soulful vocals. Together, Alyssa Gambino, Adam Jessamine, and Mikal Smith have set out to make pop rock music while simultaneously putting their own unique stamp on it. This pursuit has proven to be a success as it has led them to sharing the stage with acts like Kings of LeonThe 1975BastilleFitz and The TantrumsEmpire of the Sun, and more.

Inspired by everyday situations, relationships, and growing up, the band aims to create a feeling with which listeners can easily identify. “I think as songwriters, we try to capture these moments and make them as detailed as possible. We’ll always be fascinated by the fact we can freeze these moments and make them feel cinematic,” said Gambino. PHNTMS has just finished recording a new five song EP, Melrose with producer Courtney Ballard (5 Seconds of SummerAll Time LowJessie JWaterparksTori Kelly) in Los Angeles. Melrose is set to release Fall of 2021.

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