The 9th new single this year from songwriting trio Cabela & Schmitt. The new single ’The Perfect Answer‘ from Cabela and Schmitt reflects the idea of accepting our flaws as well as our strengths. IF what we see is all it’s meant to be, perhaps time is wasted on striving to figure it out in depth. Could the answer be in that acceptance of who you are? By taking pride in how you live and how you treat people, you may be able to celebrate that vision that reflects back at you. Seeing ourselves in a mirror is a challenge but that cold realistic view with all the goodies and the flaws is what makes us human.

We are a trio of friends who have been collaborating for over 40 years. In some way or another, we are all given a voice to communicate how we see and experience the world. We have chosen to expose our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings in the best way we can, through a song. 

Our music is really a snapshot of our life. The birth of a song happens with just accumulating random thoughts on how life comes and how you react to it. So, the thoughts are there, scattered, no rhymes, no order, just like anybody can have. We always have music in our hearts/heads, and all we do is learn what we hear. The melodies start playing, and suddenly those random thoughts and phrases begin to fall into place as they belong. Most people call that songwriting, but we don’t take that credit for ourselves. We believe we’ve been given messages that need to be shared.  

Our love for making music has been chiefly a lifelong venture. These sounds come to life in our hearts and minds, and they are gifts we have been given to bring these songs to life in our recordings. It’s the most satisfying thing when we get feedback from some of our fans who the music has touched. That is so rewarding. So many artists inspire us.


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