Indie Music Fresh Picks Friday 

Every week music curator Jacqueline Jax goes on the hunt for new music to grace our Fresh Picks Friday list. With literally thousands of songs to listen to, we try to find songs that are in the moment reflecting a mix of current culture and sound that inspires through its message.

Song List:

Artist: Black + White TV

New Release: ‘Finally With Her’

Genre: Alternative Rock

Sounds like: : Green Day, Blink 182, Bayside, Alkaline trio…

Located in: : Seattle

Black + White TV moves in the direction of an unconventional alt-rock love song. ‘Finally With Her’ confesses the struggles that two lovers face when shedding their individual identities to become a unity. The song features Danica Dye, a dynamic vocalist, who at 21 years old has a voice and musical chops far beyond her age. 

Band: Heavy AmericA 

Song name: Crushed

Music Genre:: Rock

I live in… Boston, Massachusetts, USA


A classic tale of becoming infatuated with someone who doesn’t even know you exist.

Artist: Natalie Clark

New Release: I See You 

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Bedroom / Lo-fi Pop, Electro Pop

Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark, who has reaped plaudits from Virgin’s Richard Branson and BBC Radio 1’s Nick Grimshaw was selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA “Artist to Watch” after moving to the US. Natalie was featured in the Mercedes Benz commercial campaign which also included performances at the famous Roxy on Sunset, and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. She was handpicked to open for the Grammy award winning Indigo Girls tour and has been recording in L.A when not busy touring the US. Natalie received acclaim from multi-platinum artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton when she appeared on NBC’s The Voice, who praised her voice as ‘cool and powerful’ and ‘incredible’.

Artist: Azemca and Dj space

New Release: Tear Drop

Genre: Hip Hop

Sounds like: : Trap music

Located in: : Montreal, Canada

‘Tear Drop’ by AzemCa and DJ Space is an anthem for young women to accept that life moves on after a relationship ends. The music we are creating is a part of a project that encourages me to break my own barriers by collaborating with different artists who have a distinct sound and expand my art. I am a fan of multi-instrumentalists, but I don’t play music, so this is my way of saying. I can write on anything, as long as I love the beat.

Artist: Todd Barrow

New Release: Good Luck

Genre: Country, Americana, Rock

Sounds like: : George Strait Eric Church Tim Mcgraw Gary Allan Dirks Bentley Joe Nichols

Located in: : Burleson, Texas, USA

This song is about facing challenges in the world we live in today. This song was inspired after a MTV interview when they were asking for advice for artists/bands who want to succeed in the modern music industry. I made the comment well

Artist: Euan Allison
New Release: Fatherhood 

Genre: Singer Songwriter, Indie Pop

Euan Allison is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Scottish origin. He escaped the quiet landscapes of Orkney, to find my adventure in the city of Glasgow. Nowadays, he want to share his story about his life through writing music. Sharing his first life chapter ‘November’. Chapter II is coming very soon.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: The Perfect Answer

Genre: Folk Rock

Sounds like: : Bon Iver, , Eagles, The Beatles, Mumford & Sons

Located in: : Nebraska and Colorado

The Perfect Answer is our 9th new single this year. With a driving acoustic guitar and body of deep bass and drum kit, the song is quite forceful.

Artist: Alan Garmonsway

New Release: This Will Always Be Our Song

Genre: Adult Contemporary, Indie Folk

Sounds like: : Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Richard Thompson, Greg Lake

Located in: : Newbury, UK

The new single, ‘This Will Always Be Our Song’ by UK songwriter Alan Garmonsway is steeped in emotion and feeling – straight from the heart. 

Artist: Martin Graff

New Release: Prism

Genre: Classical Fusion

Sounds like: : Keith Jarret; George Winston; Claude Debussy

Located in: : Arlington, Virginia

Martin Graff’s ‘Prism’ is a sonic vignette on the shifting light of this shifting life