This song reaches deep inside and touches you with honesty and deep emotion. When you are ready to move into another dimension so you can unplug from the chaos of the day, give it a try.  

‘2 Broken Hearts’ is based on my personal experience as I try to come to terms with the loss of my wife. And as I contemplate not living in the past and try to face the reality of my current situation, I understood how much I love her and realize how painful it is to love someone else because my heart still belongs to her. After exiting the music industry for 14 years, it was her who insisted that I get back. And so whatever I do musically, it’s all because of her, and I do it for her. She was the one with the vision and the determination that I should press forward with the music.

This is what ‘2 Broken Hearts’ is about. The pain and anguish that you hear in his voice is not just a style. It is real. The sincerity and honesty that you feel when he sings is a truthful manifestation of a man who has lost the best thing that he has ever had. If you want to see what he has lost, then check out the video “No One Like You by Keviene” on YouTube, a tribute he dedicated to his dearly beloved wife. 2 Broken Hearts may very well become the most emotional and the most heartfelt song of 2021. If you love a true-to-life love song and if you love an exceptionally great ballad, then 2 Broken Hearts is a must-have on your playlist. Mark my words, this song is going places…..