Live Vinyl performs catchy Dance Rock Latin Pop songs with an emphasis on live performance. Currently, the music is lyrically influenced by a post COVID health pandemic world. Our studio recordings are performed to reawaken the art of live, full band performance. Each of our band members is committed to perfecting the craft, and to achieve a live band sound, that reflects the talents of the individual musicians.

Show coming up

Mulcahy’s Friday April 30th 6:30-8:30 PM CALL (516)-783-7500

Finding the full band identity has been a priority, which is heard in the first EP, “Living in The 2020’s”. The band came together in 2017 and has been performing on stage for over three years in NYC and Long Island area.

The Live Vinyl Band members are: Grace Nazario Vocal, Peter Mormoris Guitar Production, David Karp Vocal Harp, Ronnie Di Russo Vocal Keys, Joe D’Agostino Bass, Michael Felice Drums, Jon Paul Montavlo Percussion

Grammy’s here we come. We will be playing out coming up in March -May 2021. We are rehearsing to get ready to play out again this year and finishing up our other originals for the EP “Living in the 2020’s”.