Band Name: The Fishes And I

Song name: Nothing

Genre: Alternative Rock

This song is about the loss, regret and loneliness of splitting from a partner. Reaching the point where “nothing takes the loneliness away”. The sound and style represent my influences. The music I write and play is the type of music I like to listen to. My release, my way to get feelings out. It comes from the heart. It’s my way of expressing pain, joy, happiness and sadness. Most of my songs start life being written on my acoustic. When I’ve got a melody that I’m happy with I’ll take the idea to my studio. I’ll usually write drum parts using session drummer 3 on sonar X1 (the D.A.W I use) and then write a bass part and a second guitar part. I then take the song to the band so we can get all the parts down as a band.


We are from a band from Hertford (25 miles north of London) where we play a lot of acoustic shows. Hitchin especially has a great scene with a lot of real talented musicians. I’m originally from Southend (40 miles south of London) my band all still live there so we rehearse and play there too. Also Southend has a great scene too.


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