Band Name: Suzic
Song name: The Flow Of Life
Music Genre:: Celtic New Age

This song is about…
how we are working with the universe. It is essentiallly the flow of life when you believe and trust that the universe will provide you want and you need. What you give out there comes back to you in good ways if you can trust that it will happen.
I trust the universe to bring the right people my way. But at the same time I like to put the effort into encouraging that to happen. If it’s right, it’s just right. There’s definitely a cosmic source that brings whoever is meant to be in your life to you.
 My music is heartfelt and written from the heart. I try to write songs which have a positive message and touch peoples hearts. The ultimate goal is to help bring healing into their lives…..

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I live in Waterford City in the southeast of Ireland. The music scene here is small here but there are opportunities for open mic nights in certain bars in the city. It’s great to have the chance to get up and perform your music apart from doing some recordings in my local studio moorhouse.  I concentrate mainly on marketing abroad with my music especially in America.

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