When was your first recording experience?

It was 1967, during high school, when a local guy had a 2 track tape machine, I had a session on that. The most important thing I learned in recording that first time was never to record on wash day when the recording system is in someones basement. Recording in between cycles was tricky but still a great memory.

What’s my most recent recording experience?

I know record with Al Snyder in his recording studio. He works on an analog 24 channel board. My history is in Pro-tools, which allows more flexibility in editing and rearranging.

When Al records my music, he’s got a much different process. His approach is straightforward. He will have me sing through one take and have me go in and fix each error to make that one take better.

Name one of my Influences.

I grew up listening to big bands, but the Beatles opened my eyes and heart to music and gave me the career I have now. I love the Beatles. I saw them on the Ed Sullivan show in 1964, and they really opened my eyes to music. I knew I wanted to become a base player right away. Paul McCartney is my idol.

I talked my Mom into buying me a guitar years back, and I was off to the races. Now I’m retired, and I get to focus on music 24-7.

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