Manic Sound Expulsion on Creating an original music style, navigating the pitfalls of Spotify and infusing your influences into your music.

What have you learned recently being put in the music industry?

One of the biggest lessons learned was regarding Spotify. Without notice, Spotify deleted tracks from around 250,000 artists, falsely accusing them of engaging in buy fake plays. We knew that we did not engage in purchasing fake plays, and as we pursued answers, it was determined that we could be reinstated still at a loss to us in time and momentum. I now realize that it’s not smart to only focus on Spotify and put all my efforts into that platform. Lesson learned. 

Tell us a studio story.

On Turn it up, we had fun creating that song. I connected with one of my idols, Prince, and found myself listening to his music to state that creative energy moved. 

Diving into the past allowed us to bring one of our favorite artists into the future on this new release.

It’s terrific to put a new fresh spin on something you love.

Name a music trend that you love..

We created our own music trend, called ‘Dub Funk’. The inspiration for this style came from enjoying different things. There’s something really raw and aggressive in Dub Step that I wanted to incorporate in our style.

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