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Hip Hop music creator Swats talks about things to do before you release your music, big hurdles being indie and his Daft Punk experience.

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What do I wish I knew before I launched my first song?

I wish I knew more about royalties and the pros and cons of creating music using samples verses creating your own tracks. There’s alot involved in making 100% original music but if you are using someones beats, the situation gets more complex when it comes to credits and royalties.

What is your biggest hurdle as an Indie Artist?

Self promotion, the creative, the music, the business and all that’s involved with promotion, todays indie artist has alot of hats. That’s a challenge for one person to handle. You have to find your focus and work hard every day towards it.

Are you a Daft Punk Fan? What’s a good memory of them and how do you feel about the breakup?

Daft Punk provided inspiration for listeners of their music. I also loved the art that I got to experience with their music. It was spectacular. I’m disappointed about their breakup but 30 years is a really long time to be in a group. As time passes, people change and their taste changes. It’s hard to speculate why they broke up but after so long, it’s not impossible to understand they would be ready for a change.

Swats Music:

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Featured on Amplifier and NPR’s All Things Considered, SWATS stands for Song Writing And Tactical Sounds emcee. A gamer through and through, you can find SWATS’ voice on official promo videos for The King of Fighters Allstar and Streets of Rage 4. SWATS’ knack for tactical lyricism, vocal harmonies, movement and the alto sax brings an excitingly unique and powerful presence to GameBreax as one of two lead performers or on his own in his solo projects including Memories, the spiritual successor to his GameBreax song Irregular. It has a cool, confident vibe. It’s about getting out of a toxic relationship only to find yourself trapped in it time and again. There’s got to be a way out, leaving the other with only their memories.

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