After several pre-summer releases which served to wet the path for an August hit, ‘Ghost u like it i love it’ has brought us something special. ‘What’s Love’ is a light and swanky summer groove that combines his smooth vocal with catchy beat that certainly has snap. We can see why this tune is on the rise.  But the real question is… Will he get the girl?


Artist: Ghost u like it i love it

New Release: What’s Love

Genre: HipHop, R&B

Sounds like: : Childish gambino , Chance The Rapper , j cole

Located in: : Seattle Washington , USA

I think if you have been in a situation with someone who can’t see the value in what yall have, those hidden feelings that never show or the person who can’t see the truth will have a great connection to you and many others.


About the Artist…

Ghost u like it I love it is an upcoming, well diverse artist. Well diverse, not only in his mastering of many music genres, but also in a specialized skill such as- music and video production, choreography dancing, and performing.

To add to the things he has done. Instead of waiting for a new label, he has been signed to 2 other labels in the past. He took over the last record label Adverse Effects in Canada in 2014 and he opened his label. After getting that he has released, produced, wrote, rapped, and sang on 169 tracks. As a business owner, Artist, Producer he is what you would call a triple threat. In 2020 Ghost u like it I love it has won 5 awards from the music he has done and Ghost’s music is unique.

If you listen to one of his 9 albums (her, her 2, her 3, Living in the moment, Music is my mistress, Transformation, Mr. U Like It I Love It, In The Company Of Two, Cicada) you will understand just what I mean. With lyrics that never bore, with true south Flava (which comes from being Texas born and raised), such a creative blending of music genres; he is the perfect fit to push the music and entertainment business into transformation.

My inspirations in this music are a lot of artists but if I could put them in one category it would be Motown classics.


Right now…

I’m excited with all the moves I and the team are making. It’s been a long journey and through all the crazy I can still say it was worth it. Hopefully, before the end of this year, I will be making a video for this song. I can’t wait for the world to hear my new album.