Artist: A’dem

New Release: We’re traveling in the dream

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Alternative, World, New age, Pop

Located in: : New York, NY

This song is a motivation to enjoying life by trying the unknown. The unrecognized path is the dream and the pursuit of that dream is the best adrenaline to keep moving forward. It’s music that mirrors my life in several ways.

1/ When I decided to move from NY to LA. To focus on my career, I brought a list of 20 songs. There, I met good friends and I’ve been invited to a walkout in the city. It’s at this moment that the song appeared to me.

2/ I needed that motivation coming to somewhere nobody knew me and I’ve never been.

3/ It’s a reminder that life is an opportunity made of duties and dreams but it’s the dreams that keep us alive. Just by saying tomorrow will be better, we can walk a thousand miles without a river of water.

I could have since launched numerous songs but I wanted the world to note the existence of this song and apprehend the sight of my style as well as the type of messaging that could impact others’ lives like mine.

The main focus right now is to finish the recording of the full album at the image of my previous releases when working with a stable team on a world-class promotion.