There’s a new video out that you should see. The artist has taken a bad relationship and used it as fire to fine tune her sound with authenticity while promoting her own healing at the same time. 

Artist: Chlöe Is A Scavenger

New Release: Everything I Love

Genre: Trance

Located in: Montague, New Jersey

“Everything I Love” comes from a place of torment within a toxic relationship. Most of my music is inspired by past relationships and it creates an archive of mistakes that I’ve made and the people I chose to surround myself with.

Now, more than ever, Chlöe Is A Scavenger is finally on the path it needs to be on. I think I’ve fine-tuned my sound and found something authentic to who I am as a musician and a person.

Currently, I’m working on my new album and dipping my toes in the realm of video editing. I’ve found that visual art compliments my music.

Artists Bio.. 

I’m Chlöe of Chlöe Is A Scavenger and music is in my blood. Anything that I cannot process because of its emotional depth is what inspires me to create music.