Genre: Alternative Rock

Many people close to me asked me where the inspiration came from in this song. I have to tell you that I am one of the many who suffer with student loan debt and also work two jobs to make ends meet. I feel people in my generation especially who go off to college could lose the chance at a traditional 9-5 job.

I say that because my experience is working that extra hour each day to earn and maintain a living which is a big reason why I mention an 8-5 job over a 9-5 job. With that being said, what is it to work and never find anytime for yourself?

This song explains – you know what’s at stake, you know what you have to do to pay the bills and maintain a living- However, what do you do for yourself? Sometimes getting stuck in a routine is a good thing, but sometimes breaking out of it in order to enjoy life, being social with your friends and just getting out of the house could be a good thing. The message really is, get what you’re worth and enjoy the spare time you have after all the time you put into work and your daily routine. Hold on to those dreams you believe in and don’t settle for anything less. Go out there and have time for you.

Creating your own original music today is so much easier with all the tools available to be able to record music, mix and master without spending a lot of money to do it. What I love about being a musician today is the ease of knowing you can do what you love and find connections to yourself and the world having the opportunity for your music to be heard everywhere. That to me is such an amazing experience and a motivator to keep writing.