Popichil`O is the artist of his decade. Creating is his drug of choice and creating atmosphere from music to the visual experience is the main focus of his work.

The music business is about making money it would be nice to have people of power in those positions who also care about their artist. artist development, helping artist make and invest instead of take take take. I am speaking on alot of past artist mistakes. Owner ship is important also. own your material and control your brand.

I love being a artist. Any day you wake up you can be inspired to create and in todays climate there is so much to write and talk about. Healing others or inspiring others threw your music is a gift within itself. I love to create because I feel like I am supposed to create.

I was put here to share my creativity with others. it brings me joy and a great feeling. it can be therapeutic and fun and inspirational. music is apart of my life thats why I write to bring share different emotions and bring the truth into the light