Todays Indie songwriters are focused on creating music that resonates with a socially conscious audience. Check out these amazing new tracks that have just been released and add them to your own playlist.

Artist :  Mike Freund

New Release: Breathe

Music Genre:  indie Rock, Adult Alternative, Southern Rock

Vibe: Zen like guitar grunge, guitar driven rock,

Located in:  Charleston, SC

Sounds like: Beatles-esque,  Black Crowes, Blind Melon , Goo Dolls

“BREATHE” was written as a serenity prayer of sorts. It’s directed towards a sibling who struggles with the ups and downs of everyday life. The song is intended to be a reminder for all of us, to not sweat the little thing and just “Breathe” Mike Freund, a hard working rock wanderer originally from New Jersey, who transplanted to and is now based in Charleston, South Carolina. He is a veteran singer, songwriter and no-joke guitar slinger who has been entertaining Rock & Blues fans up and down the East Coast for years. He and his band released their new album “Twenty Twenty” in February 2022. Mike plays a melodic mix of multi-elemental rock and roll which he plays from the heart. This marvelous album contains a wealth of entertaining songs layered with soft rock, American folk, blues and a dash of country rock for good measure. 

Artist: Rachel Chinouriri

New Release: All I Ever Asked.

Genre: Pop

Breakout artist Rachel Chinouriri arrives with her latest single, “All I Ever Asked.” The fresh new pop single from this London based alternative-indie-pop singer songwriter is a melodic and introspective light story about not settling in a relationship.

Artist: Jenny Hval

New Release: Jupiter

Genre: Indie Pop Classic Objects is a sparkling art pop album that’s light and unusually direct. “American Coffee” teems with vivid autobiographical detail, and Jenny Hval reaches toward infinite expanses with “Jupiter” . Hval offers her characteristically tilted point of view, aligning a sense of existential loneliness with the premise of a capitalist creative statement designed for disintegration.

Artist: Eileen Carey

New Release: Dreaming with me

Music Genre: Pop/rock /country

Vibe: up tempo

Located in: Los Angeles CA

Eileen Carey ‘Dreaming with me’ is about the magic that an individual can make on the world

“Dreaming with Me,” brings out a sense of inspiration, inciting the feeling that a positive impact can happen with just one person.

Artist: Wednesday

Song: She’s Actin Single (I’m Drinkin Double)

Band Name : Cabela and Schmitt
New Release: Loving Arms
Music Genre: Folk/Rock
Vibe: Happy
Located in: Nebraska and Colorado
Sounds like: Can’t put a name to it just now, but it probably sounds like someone.

‘Loving Arms’ by American Songwriting team Cabela and Schmitt reflects on how love, patience, and encouragement can heal a broken past.

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt

New Release: A New Day 

Genre: Pop

Vibe: Dreamy, Mellow

Sounds like: : Tom Petty, Fleetwood Mac, Eagles

Location: Sidney, NE and Fountain, CO

Sounds Like: Moody Blues,  Pink Floyd, Coldplay, Imagine Dragons

Cabela and Schmitt’s New Release A New Day is about Change

A few years ago, big changes were happening for a few people in my life. I think the general theme of “A New Day” was mostly inspired by these changes happening around me.

Artist: CMAT

New Release: Nashville

Genre: Pop Country

“Nashville”, the opening track on If My Wife New I’d be Dead, is an absolutely perfect modern country song. Every aspect of “Nashville” absolutely soars, from the strings that play it in, the glitz and glamor of the bells and whistles that fill the sound out and, above all else, the powerhouse voice of CMAT (aka Ciara Mary Alice Thompson). On the surface, the lyrics about running away to Nashville are about as traditional country as one can get, but beneath the surface are lyrics that describe the masking of a deep depression. Throw in references to both the rodeo and K-Pop and you get a song that would get even purest fans of classic country fans singing along with the most ardent popheads. Remarkably, just about any of the eleven songs that follow “Nashville” could also be described in just about the same manner.

Artist: Alan Garmonsway

New Release: Lighthouse (Remix)

Genre: Rock, Folk/Rock

Vibe:: Inspiring ballad

Located in: : Wiltshire, UK

Sounds like: : Carole King, Procol Harum, Early Bruce Hornsby, Jimmy Rankin, 10CC

UK songwriter Alan Garmonsway focuses in on the idea that everyone needs their own lighthouse, that special person who watches out for you, guides you, inspires you, keeps you safe.

John O’Brien
New Release: The Spider’s Love Web
Music Genre: House Pop
Vibe: Dance
Located in: St Augustine, FL
Sounds like: Billy Ocean

Florida songwriter John O’Brien’s new release ‘The Spider’s Love Web’ tells a funny tale about men and women in bars.

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