“Miranda can charm the stars from the skys with her voice and songwriting. I found her new single to be charming and uplifting. I love how she moves her vocal into a light and airy place shifting effortlessly to bring the listener on an audible journey. It hard not to get addicted to ‘Stars and Dreams’. ”
– Jacqueline Jax host of AVALiveRadio.info 

Artist: Miranda Easten

New Release: Stars And Dreams

Genre: Pop

Located in:  Christchurch City, New Zealand

This song reminds me of warm Summer nights spent star-gazing with good company. The music I am creating at the moment is therapeutic and honest. I’m not afraid to write about how I am feeling or what’s catching my soul on fire. My new album is a mixture of biographical lyrics as well as observations I’ve made about current events or people and stories I’ve heard of.

I create music because…

creating something from nothing makes me happy. I love how I can start the day with a blank piece of paper and by mid-afternoon I have created something tangible and shareable. After the music is created I will put it out there and move onto the next creation right away. I would be quite lost without a pen, paper, and guitar!

I am currently recording my debut album (and several music videos) with some amazingly talented musicians and good friends. I feel very blessed to do what I love every day.