Artist: Graham Greene

New Release: Night of the Djinn

Genre: Symphonic Metal – Instrumental

Sounds like: Nightwish, Kamelot, Trans Siberian Orchestra, Joe Satriani,

Located in: Perth, Western Australia

A symphonic blend of Eastern, Classical and Metal to conjure images of the mystical Orient. Orchestration meets heavy guitars to tell the Djinn’s tale. This song flowed from beginning to end in the writing and recording process, and I found myself caught up in the story as I went. Sometimes you write the song, and sometimes the song writes you.

The music is …

a focusing of direction, intent, and a sincere effort to resonate with an audience.

I do this because I have to…

From a pivotal moment in my youth to this very day, it is a need to express, create and share what I am inspired to write. The satisfaction is all the greater when it is received and appreciated.

Right now we are…

New videos are in the planning to promote the new album, “A Ripple in Time”, which is now online in all the best places.