Artist: NewClue

New Release: Hail to the King (Henry VIII)

Genre: Nostalgic Metal Reborn

Sounds like: : AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Megadeth, XYZ, Dio, Queenrych,
Nostalgic Metal bands.

Located in: New London CT, USA

Nostalgic Metal Reborn with a NewClue. This is a biography of the life of King Henry VIII with some GREAT guitar leads!

The music we are creating is NOSTALGIC METAL REBORN. As formed in the very late ’80s as NoClue and after about 7 years, went our separate ways. We Reformed into NewClue in 2014, which has won many awards and put us into rotation on many radio stations worldwide.

With many of the yester-year’s 80’s and 90’s rock bands on tour today and all of the tribute bands going over like Blockbusters, it’s the perfect time to catch a NewClue.

Right now with all the mania alive towards classic rock bands and the Tribute bands on the circuit, we are creating a Godsmack tribute band. Of course, NewClue will always be the opening act!

Our favorite: Number One Music: