Land Of The Suckerpuss by Kingzilla hit a music milestone when it landed in the #1 spot on the AVA Live Radio Summer Hot 20 Singles Chart on August 1st , 2020.


The single experienced a rise 82k plays after less than a month. The release was met with confusion among the industry as to what it was meant to be but ultimately captured fans all over the world with it’s retro funky sound and powerful message.



“We are concentrating on staying in the studio so I can continue to write and record. There is always fresh new content for our listeners to enjoy. You can count on that! “

Land Of The Suckerpuss is a fun ride into sweet retro funky sounds mixed in with something new that DUB-FUNK music has never seen before!

Great musical influences such as Parliament, Funkadelic, George Clinton helps you to dive into the story line that KingZiLLa lays down on you how a land far far away in another dimension has gone extinct. Dumbed down by technological funk they lost their way therefore giving way to this very significant story of musical pleasure for your earhole!